Make a romantic floral mini wreath to decorate for Spring, Valentine’s Day, a bridal shower, and more!

floral mini wreath

I love to make paper flowers, and I’m sharing my secret to rolled paper flower making success. Keep reading to learn more!

Floral Mini Wreath Supplies

Choose your flowers from the set (there are so many to choose from!) and open them in your design software. I resized these so they were 5.5 inches wide. This gives you a finished flower that is about 2 inches large.

Lightly mist the cut flower, and wipe off any excess water. You don’t want to make the paper too wet, or it will tear. The water will soften the paper so you can curl the petals and create more realistic looking flowers. When it dries it will once again be stiff.

paper flower DIYUse a toothpick to gently curl back the tips of the petals. Continue until all the petals are done. Mist the flower one more time and start winding it around the toothpick to create the flower.

Wrap the bottom of the hoop with lace. This will make it easier to attach the flowers. Hot glue the flowers and leaves onto the hoop.

When you are done gluing, brush gold paint and gold glitter paint onto the flowers.

floral mini wreath

Transfer gold vinyl to a scrap of cardstock, and cut out the sentiment. Glue that on top of the flowers.

floral mini wreath

Add some more lace to the top of the hoop, and your beautiful floral mini wreath is ready to hang! Have fun crafting and creating beautiful decor with rolled flowers. If you enjoyed this tutorial you’ll LOVE my flower topiary!

floral mini wreath


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