Show your personal style by making a swimsuit cover up DIY using fabric paint! Pool and beach wear gets washed a lot more than every day clothing, so heat seat vinyl isn’t the best option for projects like this one that get heavy use. Use an extra soft fabric paint to create summer wear that is both beautiful AND comfortable.

swimsuit cover up DIY

Swimsuit Cover Up DIY Supplies

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Lay the clothing on a flat surface. Place something inside the cover up so the paint does not bleed to the other side. (I like to use plastic placemats from the dollar store for projects like this. You can also recycle cardboard boxes to place between the fabric layers.)

Spray one section of the fabric with water to dampen it. Use a wide paint brush to add the Indian Turquoise So Soft Fabric Paint to the wet fabric. Spray the paint with some more water to create the watercolor effect desired.

Repeat this process of spraying water and painting until the middle section of the cover up is colored. Let the fabric dry completely.

Place the pineapple stencil on the fabric. Use a sponge to pick up a small amount of Antique Gold So Soft Fabric paint, then offload the excess paint onto a plate or paper towel. Dab the paint over the entire stencil. Repeat this process to achieve the desired level of color.

Let the fabric dry for at least 48 hours, then rinse and dry it. Then you can rock your new swimsuit cover up DIY all summer long!

swimsuit cover up DIY

I originally created and published this project on the Deco Art website as a paid member of their Outside Artist Team.


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