Like a lot of you, I love the versatility of canvas and burlap.  I especially like to pair them with lace.  The combination of natural fibers with elegant details is oh so shabby chic and eye pleasing.  I flipped canvas pennants upside down to create pretty Christmas tree decor.


Step one:  Undo part of the stitching at the top of the pennant, to create an opening.

Step two:  Glue the lace and trims onto the canvas.  I have a giant stash of vintage lace I’ve been collecting, and it was fun to use some of my collection finally.

Step three:  Trim off the excess lace.

Step four:  Stuff the “tree” with Poly-Fil.

Step five:  Insert the candlestick in the opening that was created in step one.

I’m displaying my shabby chic Chistmas tree near my entry way.  I placed a Winter White Tree skirt on the table, then glittered the beautiful, shimmery Icelets all over the skirt.  My tiny trees look lovely displayed this way, don’t you think?


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