My kids are wild about Legos.  When I found this extra large mason jar at the Goodwill thrift store, I thought it would make a fun DIY  lamp.  My son commented that the jar looked like a Lego head, and that’s how this idea was born.  I used a large jar, but you could easily recreate this on a smaller scale with a smaller mason jar from your craft stash.

(This post first appeared at Dollar Store Crafts, where I am a contributor)


  • Mason Jar
  • Paint
  • Clear Labels
  • Push light

Step one:  Paint the inside of the jar and the lid yellow.  I used Americana’s Gloss Enamels glass paint in Saffron Yellow for both the inside of the jar and for the lid.  It was the perfect, glossy “lego yellow”, I think.


Step two:  Print the faces onto clear labels.  You can right click on my free printable above to save the image to your computer, then print them out onto clear labels.  I used these labels from and formatted my printable to fit that size.  Adhere the label face to the jar.  Start one one side of the label and smooth out the bubbles carefully as you press the entire label onto the glass.  I put a different face on each side, just for fun and to have options!  My son like turning it to show a different face.

Step three:  I used a push light from Dollar Tree that has an adhesive sticker already on it.  These push lights are made for closets and pantries, and they’re perfect for this project!  Just peel off the backing and stick the push light under the lid of the jar.

I don’t screw the lid on fully, to make the push light easier for my youngest son to access.  He absolutely LOVES his new light, especially because it matches his Lego themed room.  Now you have a fun night light that doubles as cute room decor during the daytime!  This jar could also be used as Lego storage if you don’t need a light.  Have fun building and crafting!


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