I’ve been showing you how easy it is to make photo props for a reception or party, and one prop has stolen the show:  Grumpy Cat!  I wasn’t planning

on making a tutorial for this prop, but I’ve received so many comments on it

that I figured, “what the heck?”  

Print out of Grumpy Cat
Dowel Rod
Foam Sheet

Step one: paint the dowel rod (optional) and print out your favorite Grumpy Cat face.

Step two: Fussy cut the print out, place it on the foam sheet, and trace. Cut out the traced shape.

 Step three: Glue the dowel rod to the foam piece, then glue the printout of the cat on top.

As you can see, this has been everyone’s favorite prop.  What is it about this cat that just makes you laugh?  And he looks good with a ‘stache.
Check back soon to learn how to recycle styrofoam into mustache props.

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