Some time ago I saw the performer Qwestlove on the Daily Show.  The first thing I noticed was his awesome bow tie:  it spelled the word “wonder.”  I was inspired to shop at Goodwill San Antonio to find pieces to make my own fun, quirky bow tie.


I decided to use ties to make my bowties, and I bought a clip on tie so I could reuse the clip.  Next, I needed to find scrabble tiles.  This proved to be impossible!  After months of searching at different Goodwill stores, I finally gave up and revised my plans to use tiles from the game “Upwards.”  They’re taller than Scrabble tiles but light and still help create the whimsy that I was looking for.



  • Ties
  • Needle and thread
  • Letter tiles
  • Fabric glue

I liked the bow tie so much that I decided to make myself a headband version.

For this project, I used a thinner tie and did not need a clip on.  I added elastic to make it easier to wear.

Would you wear a bow tie with a word on it?  Try it, it’s really fun!  What word would you have to share with the world?


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