Today’s post is about how to make sure your child will never use the toilet alone again.  Ha!  Just kidding!  I am a prankster, though, and I do enjoy using my crafting supplies to make fun things to entertain my family with.  Keep reading to learn how to make this amusing toilet prank.

(This post first appeared at Crafts Unleashed, where I am a member of the design team!)

I saw this idea last Halloween, and I knew I wanted to make my own.  I varied my monster a bit by adding a third eye and giving it wiggly arms, but it’s as funny and silly as the original, I think.  I used my Silhouette for this project, but don’t stress if you don’t have one.  This design is simple enough that you could use the vinyl and craft scissors to cut out your own monster.


Step one:  Open the file in your Silhouette software.  Resize it as needed, and cut the vinyl.

Step two:  Weed the vinyl.  Use the transfer tape to adhere the vinyl to the toilet tank.

This little monster also looks cool creeping up under a door!  It would also work on windows, cabinets, and most any other opening you can think of.  Every person in my home has laughed when they see my little monster.  Have fun spooking your favorite people this Halloween!



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