I really wanted a carousel horse for my daughter’s room but it was way out of my budget!  When I saw this beautiful spring mounted hobby horse I decided to use DecoArt’s Chalky Finish Paint to make this faded toy look like a carousel horse!


I know I say this a lot, but this is easily one of my favorite projects ever.  I just love the way the colors turned out, and how easy it was to accent the details with the huge variety of colors available.  I made this project for DecoArt, and you can find the full tutorial on their blog HERE.

Colors used:

  •  The body of the horse:  Yesteryear.
  • The tail, mane, and hooves:  Relic.
  • Eternal and Carbon to paint details on the face.
  • Saddle and accessories:  Remembrance, Treasure, and Innocence.
  • The frame: Carbon.

Full tutorial with instructions HERE.

With fresh paint, this old treasure has found a new life.



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