Have you tried tie dying with your kids yet?  It’s become a favorite summer activity in our family.  I love Tulip’s easy to use tie dye kits.  They are safe and fun to use with kids….no boiling water or nasty fumes.  You just add water to the bottle and shake to make the dye.  You might remember this tie dyed hammock I made with my family last year.  Here are a few more images from last year’s fun.

Have fun this summer tie-dying with your kids.

Even my then-two-year old was able to join in the fun.  I helped twist and tie their shirts, then they sprayed the color.  They loved this activity!

kids and tie dye

Here are two of the finished shirts.  What can you do with a tie dyed shirt?  Try this shirt cutting tutorial!

Have fun this summer tie-dying with your kids. Have fun this summer tie-dying with your kids.

And this is what we did with some of the shirts:  turned them into no sew pillows!  Just cut up the edges and tie them to make a pillow.  These are great for road trips, and your kids will be proud that they made it themselves.

pillow pillow step one pillow step 3

I have a really cool tie dye technique I’ll be sharing on Thursday.  Check back to see how you can use glue and stencils to create amazing tie dyed fabric!



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