To make the blood vial, carefully spritz the Abandoned Coral Spray Stain inside the tiny vial.  Cap it tightly with the cork, but keep in mind that it could still leak, so be careful not to invert the bottle.


Wrap the bottle with some black paper string, and tie it.  Use a bid of thread with a needle to attach the bottle to the fabric background.


Finally, to make your sign light up, add the red moonlights to the back.  I just used washi tape to hold the lighted strand in place.


How fun is this sign?  I love the way it looks with the red glowing light, but it’s colorful and eye catching during the day, too.  Hang your vampire sign on the wall, and just remove it carefully and flip on the switch when you want to light it up.  Have fun crafting and creating for Halloween!


This is a sponsored post but all ideas and opinions are my own.



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