Use this horror themed candy corn printable to add fun sticker labels to packaging and treats! This is a sponsored post with but all ideas and opinions are my own.

horror themed candy corn

Few candy choices are as divisive as candy corn. People seem to love it or hate it…there is no middle ground when it comes to this Halloween staple. Brach’s has made headlines over the past few years with some dubious candy corn offerings, like these Thanksgiving dinner monstrosities that my friend Heather Martin reviewed. The horrific flavor options got me thinking…what if there was a horror themed candy corn? And this is what I came up with.


Horror Themed Candy Corn Project Supplies

printable free

I started out with a traditional candy corn shape and then started adding details using some popular horror movie characters. Can you name them all? I used their clothing colors plus some distinguishing features to help create these horrific versions of candy corn. Please don’t even ask what flavors they might be…I don’t even want to imagine that. LOL!

candy labels

Click on the link in the supply list to nab your copy of this free to use printable template. You can even customize it with your own text before you print them. (Remember that these printables are free for personal use…do not resell them!)

horror themed candy corn

My kids actually like candy corn (where did I go wrong?!) so I made little treat bags to slip into their lunch boxes. The sticker adds a little fun and silliness to this Halloween snack. They’d make great goodie bags, too!

packaging labels

I’m also using these fun and colorful stickers on my packaging! If you order one of the claw bookmarks I’m selling you’ll find a horror themed candy corn sticker on the packaging when it comes in the mail!

horror candy corn printable

Have fun crafting & creating for Halloween!


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