Make giant spiders to decorate with this Halloween! This is a sponsored post with Fairfield World but all ideas and opinions are my own.

I like to come up with a decorating theme every Halloween. Last year my theme was creepy dolls, which was easy to do and really freaked people out! The year before was a personal favorite: Carnevil. That set up got the attention of a local reporter, and the local newspaper did a whole spread to showcase our haunted home. This year I’m going with a theme I’ve always wanted to do: MAKE GIANT SPIDERS. EEK!

Make Giant Spiders

I remember being young when the movie Arachnophobia came out. That movie scared the heck out of me! I actually don’t mind spiders that much, but when there are a LOT of them? YIKES! These creepy crawlies make my skin crawl, so of course I had to use them for a Halloween decorating theme.

DIY Halloween Decor

My spiders are very light, thanks to Poly-Fil Dark, but I wasn’t sure that store bought webs would be strong enough to hold them up. My solution? Quilt batting!!! It’s affordable and easy to work with. I was able to stretch it and tear it to create the illusion of heavy webs all over my porch. Once I add lights and a fog machine this scene will be especially spooky. Spiders and giant webs? EEK!

Make Giant Spiders: DIY Halloween Decor

How to Make Giant Spiders:

Make Giant Spiders: DIY Halloween Decor

I made a video tutorial (it’s at the top of the post) because it’s so much easier to show how I made them than it is to write it all out. I hope you enjoy the instructions and that you’ll make a few of your own.

DIY Halloween Decor

These giant spiders look super creepy at night, and they will look like they’re moving when we add the fog machine and lighting. Happy Haunting!

make giant spider decor


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