This colorful tiki planter is perfect for summer! Learn how to makeover a fun find from Goodwill San Antonio. This is a sponsored post.

tiki planter
This summer I’m having lots of fun planning tropical themed events at my house. You might remember my Tiki themed backyard movie night party that was so much fun! I’ve still got tiki on the brain, and when I found this really odd looking coconut shell I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. I think this looks so much better now and adds a pop of fun color to my tropical patio decor.
Supplies Used to Make the Tiki Planter:
  • Coconut Shell Bank found at Goodwill San Antonio
  • Various multisurface paints from DecoArt
  • Fine tipped permanent marker
  • Portulaca (also know as purslane)
The coconut shell bank had a shell glued onto one side to make the eye, so I used a pair of jewelry pliers to pull that off.
I chose the colors I wanted to use and then started painting. I looked at tiki masks online for inspiration and then used the lines on the coconut face to guide me.
I started out painting the eyes and nose with yellow paint. I used a flat, angled brush to outline the nose and then filled it in.
Next I started painting stripes in various blue and green colors.
I used a bright orange hue to make the angry eyes and angry mouth that is such a common feature in tiki party decor.
Finally, I touched up the teeth with white paint.
tiki planter
When the paint was dry I used a fine tip permanent marker to outline the features and the design. This really helped bring it all together for me.
I added a tiny bit of soil and then planted portulaca in the coconut shell. I love this plant for this project because the flowers bloom and the bush perks up during the day, but at night the flowers close and the whole thing drops down. It gives the tiki mask two different hairdos depending on the time of the day. Ha!
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tiki planter


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