My 2020 Carnevil Halloween display, as featured in the San Antonio Express News.

Carnevil halloween display at San Antonio home

Happy Halloween! I know this year has been unlike any other, but I hope you will be able to enjoy this unique holiday. It’s no secret that I enjoy crafting and decorating for Halloween. In addition to just being plain fun, I love that Halloween is such a welcome distraction from everything else in the world.

zombie clown Carnevil decor Halloween
Photo Courtesy of Marvin Pfeiffer, San Antonio Express-News / Staff Photographer

This year my family had a blast creating a Carnevil Halloween display. Creepy clowns and other ghoulish delights have lived on our front porch for the last month. I made giant rotten (cotton) candy, which has attracted some giant spiders and a few stray body parts.

My favorite attraction might be this crazy clown who laughs and hurls insults at everyone. I painted an old spring horse ghost white and gave it creepy glowing eyes. Then my husband hung a clown over it who shakes and rides the horse every time someone passes by.

giant halloween inflatable decor
Photo: Marvin Pfeiffer, San Antonio Express-News / Staff Photographer

The local paper got wind of our decor and were kind enough to stop by to talk to us about it. You can see the full story of “Creative San Antonio craft designer and family transform home into Halloween fright fest” at the Express News site. Be sure to click through the slide show to see all the fun pics!

Halloween cemeteryy with flamingo vultures
Photo: Marvin Pfeiffer, San Antonio Express-News / Staff Photographer

Halloween is fun and brings out limitless possibilities. Anything goes, there’s no rules. Just let your imagination fly! It makes them smile and that’s the goal.

fun house mirror for Carnevil Halloween display

I hope this Halloween brings you something to smile about! For more images and video of our Carnevil Halloween display, visit and follow me on my Facebook page!

carnevil clowns give out candy


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