Make a scary Halloween wreath to decorate your home with.

This year I thought I’d made a bunch of wreaths to sell. I made two. At least they both sold! LOL. I’m sharing these projects in case anyone needs a little inspiration for their door decor.

halloween wreath made with mesh and eyeballs

This first one was just a fun play on Halloween colors. I used orange mesh with eyeball ornaments from Dollar Tree. I added some rhinestone spider rings to give this Halloween wreath a little more shine and creepy factor.

Jason Friday the 13th scary wreath

This scary Halloween wreath was a lot of fun and received several inquiries. I started with a glow in the dark Jason mask and blade. Then I splattered them with red paint. That got a little messy. I tied on lots of black mesh rolls, then added some “splashes” of red mesh for shock value. I wired the mask and blade onto the finished mesh wreath and it was ready to go to it’s new home!

scary creepy clown wreaths

This clown tulle wreath takes forever to make but I love how full and shocking it is. I shared the tutorial for my Pennywise wreath a few years ago. You can see how I updated that wreath when I found this horrific and fantastic monster clown mask at Goodwill last year. I made a second creepy clown wreath and added a blank face mask to it.

creepy clown wreath Pennywise wreath

The creepy clown masks are perfect for my CarnEvil Halloween display this year! They fit in perfectly with all the other scary clown and circus decor we have set up. You can see more pictures of the clown wreaths, along with the spooky lights and other creepy decor we have on display this year by checking out a story that came out today! Visit the San Antonio Express News to see more photos in the gallery of my family’s Halloween decor for 2020!


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