Make fun Halloween candy baskets to surprise friends with this fall!

halloween candy baskets with spinner game

Social distancing might put a damper on some of our typical Halloween festivities, but it doesn’t mean we have to cancel everything! It’s always fun to “boo” someone and leave an unexpected treat for them. I recently made a Jack o’Lantern treat container that I packed with goodies. Here are two other gift baskets that I made for a commission. I thought it was so sweet that this person wanted something unique and handmade to surprise loved ones with, and I had a blast creating them.

halloween spinner party favor

I loved this spinner printable from Ephemoire, and thought it would make the perfect cover for a Halloween candy box.

you've been booed halloween candy baskets

I used my Xyron Creative Station to cover the sides and top with spider patterned paper. Then I used red washi tape to cover the edges. Finally, printed the spinner and cut it out. Then I used my Xyron again to add laminate on the front and adhesive on the back. I punched a hole to add the spinner component, then I attached it to the front.

I like how the box is both fun AND full of fun stuff.

The zombie treat box was made with little girl in mind. I like that these printable are creepy but not too gory or scary. The colors are really fun, too! The set includes a lunch bag style container and a food style container. Those are filled with fun little toys.

candy basket for Halloween

The rest of the basket has candy that’s been wrapped in candy wrappers that coordinate with the set. I like the way this helps the candy blend in with the basket so it all looks cohesive!

zombie candy basket

My favorite part of this Halloween candy baskets, though, might be the roadkill sticker on the package of gummy frogs!!

halloween candy baskets tutorial

I was thrilled that my client loved these treat baskets. I might have to make one to treat myself with!


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