This roadkill Halloween dessert is perfect to make as treat for a spooky get toghether or to use as a funny prank or gag. This is a sponsored post.

DIY brain jello roadkill halloween dessert

My kids and I like to make our own gummies, and this time I put a creepy Halloween twist on it! I used my go-to gummy recipe with printable labels from to make this roadkill Halloween dessert look as horrific and realistic as possible. It was a HUGE hit with my kids!

Supplies for aspic

Roadkill Halloween Dessert Supplies

How to make aspic

First you have to “bloom” the gelatin. Place room temperature water in a bowl and add the gelatin. Let it sit for 5 minutes so it can absorb the water. Check out the instructions for the brand you are using, and cut the water amount in half. For this project I used 1 cup of water with 2 gelatin packets, but the ratio may be different with other brands.

Bring the bloomed gelatin to a boil and add 1 cup sugar, lemon extract, and red food coloring. The unflavored gelatin has no flavor, so you need to add sugar and flavoring. You could also use a red Jello packet instead of the extract and coloring, but you will need to change the water/gelatin measurements. Pour the mixture into the brain mold and place it in the fridge to set.

Printable labels roadkill halloween dessert

The labels I used fit PERFECTLY on the white matte printable labels, and they looked like something you’d find with the grocery store.

Brain jello roadkill halloween dessert

I washed and repurposed a styrofoam tray that had held veggies in it, but you can also buy the trays online. I sliced the brain in half to fit in the tray, and wrapped it tightly with plastic wrap. Peel and stick the label on the plastic, and be prepared to delight and horrify your guests! Happy haunting!


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