Make unicorn taxidermy to add some humor to your decor. This is a sponsored post with Goodwill San Antonio but all ideas and opinions are my own.

Make unicorn taxidermy to add some humor to your decor

Add a bit of humor to the decor of any room with a bit of toy taxidermy.  I combined a beautiful unfinished wood plaque with a thrifted hobby horse from Goodwill San Antonio to make a piece that will definitely be a conversation starter!

Supplies Used to make Unicorn Taxidermy:

Step one: Paint the edge of the plaque with metallic silver paint. I used Martha Stewart’s liquid gilding.

Step two: Trim a piece of paper to fit the front of the plaque. Since the plaque  is large I used gift wrap instead of cardstock. Paint the surface of the plaque with Mod Podge, set the gift wrap paper on top, and smooth out any bubbles. Let the project dry for several hours. When it is dry, carefully trim any excess paper off the edge of the plaque. I use detail scissors and then carefully smooth out the edges with a sanding tool.

Step three: Remove the hobby horse from the stick, and take some of the stuffing out of the base of the horse head. Staple the center, where the stick had been inserted, tightly onto the wood plaque. Pull the fabric down tightly on the top section of the head so it will not sag. Use a nail to attach and hold the top of the horse head to the plaque.

Step four: Cut a small triangle from the silver Oly-Fun fabric. Form a cone with the silver fabric, and hot glue the edge to hold the shape. Use hot glue inside the base of the cone and glue the cone horn to the hobby horse head.

I attached a photo hanger to the back of the plaque so I can hang my unicorn taxidermy on the wall.  This piece would make a great necklace hanger or headband holder.  Of course, you could also just display this unicorn “trophy” as is to add a bit of humor to any room’s decor.  Have fun crafting and creating toy taxidermy using stuffed animals from Goodwill San Antonio!



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