Pumpkin luminaries make beautiful fall decor, plus these will never rot!

Pumpkin luminaries
I love the look of luminaries at Christmas, and when I saw this fall twist on the idea at Pottery Barn I immediately wanted to make my own.
I used paper mache pumpkins by Darice to create my own version.  The soft light from this pretty pumpkin decor is perfect for mantle or fireplace decor, and a great addition to your fall decorating.
Pumpkin luminary supplies
Supplies Used to Make Pumpkin Luminaries:
Trace your design onto the pumpkin using a pencil. You’ll want to choose a design that isn’t too intricate, so large loops and flourishes are a good choice. You can use a stencil to help, or print a design out and trace it.
Use a sharp craft knife to carefully cut out the design.  Modify your design as needed to make sure the side will not become to weak and cave in. I chose to cut a larger design in the center of the pumpkin, with smaller flourishes on either side.
Paint the bulk of the pumpkin orange, and paint the stem brown.  I used two applications of paint to cover the paper mache completely. Let the paint dry between each application.
Spray paint the finished pumpkin with the Triple Thick Glaze.  This will give it a shiny finish.  Let it dry completely.
Cut an “x” into the base of the pumpkin.  Slip the light into the opening, and turn it on.
Pumpkin luminaries
I painted a second, larger pumpkin without cutting it to pair with my pumpkin luminary. They look so pretty sitting next to my fireplace! At night the glow from the luminary pumpkin adds to the ambiance.  Have fun crafting and creating for fall! If you enjoyed this fall project, check out my other pumpkin decorating ideas!
Pumpkin luminaries
This post was originally published on the Darice Blog, where I am a contributor.


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