Make a terra cotta pot chair planter in a jiffy.

Make a terra cotta pot chair planter in a jiffy.
Welcome to this month’s Craft Lightning! I’m thrilled to join the challenge once again, this time as a co-host.  Angie at Country Chic Cottage and Carolina at 30 Minute Crafts were so sweet to invite me to join the fun as a co-host. I’m excited to share all of the wonderful terra cotta planter projects that all the crafters will be showing us this week.

When I found this wood chair discarded at the gas station, I became “that lady” who scoops up trash and puts it in her car. The seat was warped and rotting, but the frame of the chair is solid and perfect for this project. All I had to do was to find a pot that fit in the opening of the chair seat. With the big variety of terra cotta pots available you’ll be able to find one that fits whatever chair you decide to use.

Supplies Used to make the Terra Cotta Pot Chair Planter:
Step one: Wash and wipe dirt and dust off the terra cotta pot. Even if you purchased it new it might have dust on the surface from other pots. Wipe down the wood chair.
Step two: Paint the pot and chair in the same color. I went with this sleek black paint that is made for outdoor use.  Keeping the project all one color will help tie the pieces together, and it reduces painting time for the project. Using a good outdoor paint that provides coverage in one application also helps cut down on your project time.
Step three: Add soil to the painted pot and plant the flowers in the potting soil. Lift the pot and insert it in the seat opening.
I absolutely love my new planter and it makes a great addition to my porch decor. I love to upcycle items to use in my decorating outside.  Once I turned a door into a beautiful table for my outdoor sitting area.
And I love to make garden art from unexpected items, like teapots and cups!  Have fun crafting and creating with thrifted and upcycled  finds!



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