These slime Halloween handouts are a fun alternative to candy for trick or treaters. They also make great party favors.

toxic slime halloween handouts

Yesterday I shared some fun and easy to make Halloween party favors using plastic syringes and Pop Rocks. Today I’m showing another quick and easy project you can make to give kids this Halloween.

toxic slime tutorial

I always like to have a candy alternative at Halloween, in case kids can’t have candy. Plus, some kids just like having the option of a little toy instead of candy! You can find slime, putty, or play dough in round containers at the dollar store. Keep the package sealed but replace the top with a Halloween inspired label to create a fun handout or party favor.

slime halloween handout

Slime Halloween Handouts Supplies

supplies for halloween party favor

First I printed out the petri dish labels on regular printer paper. You can resize the image as needed to fit the container that you plan to use.

xyron creative station sticker maker

I cut out the label, roughly, and rolled it through my Xyron Creative Station Lite. I used my laminate + adhesive refill. This way the top is laminated and protected while the back is like a sticker so I can attach it to the container.

make a sticker with xyron creative station

I trimmed around the image to make my sticker. I carefully peeled the old label off the slime container so it would be plain, and the focus can be on the creepy vintage label.

slime halloween handout

All I had to do was peel the backing off my DIY sticker and press it onto the container lid.

make a slime halloween party favor

I think this glowing green slime goes perfectly with the “center for study of infectious diseases” label, but it would look great with other slimes, too. These would also be fun on play dough containers and maybe even on packages of gum tape!


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