This creepy Halloween coasters tutorial teaches you how to make  your own spooky home decor.

When I saw these creepy mason jar images, I immediately knew that I wanted to make coasters with them! I love to use mason jar cups, so putting mason jars on a coaster seemed like the perfect thing to do for Halloween. If you’ve never made coasters before, it’s really easy to do. I usually use resin to seal mine, but since these are seasonal and will only be used a short time I decided to use waterproof Mod Podge and a sealant to speed things up.

make Halloween coasters with Mod Podge

Creepy Halloween Coasters Tutorial Supplies

supplies for making Halloween coasters

Paint the edges and the back of the wood coasters with black paint. Let it dry completely.

Mod Podge coasters

Print the images so they will fit your coasters. Trim the images and glue the to the wood coasters by using Mod Podge. I used the dishwasher version so they will remain as waterproof as possible. Be sure to press or roll out all the air bubbles. Let the coasters dry.

When the paper is dry, use a sanding tool to take off the excess paper. I like to ink the edges with black ink to give it a grungy finish.

spooky Coasters made with Mod Podge

Paint another layer of the dishwasher safe Mod Podge over the images. Let it dry then apply another layer. I like to add 2-3 layers to make sure it is sealed completely.

How to make creepy coasters with Mod Podge for Halloween

I used a matte spray on sealant after the Mod Podge had dried. This will help to further protect the finish when the coasters get wet. You can glue felt or cork to the back of the coasters if you like. I left mine as is, but if you’re worried about protecting your table  you can add a backing.

Have fun crafting and creating for Halloween!


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