Make this cute corn dog Halloween costume to dress your sweet pooch.

corn dog costume DIY

I love Halloween and puns, and those two things come together with this adorable pet costume. This easy to make costume is perfect for trick-or-treating with your favorite companion.

make a corn dog pet costume

Corn Dog Halloween Costume Supplies

funny pet costume supplies

Fold down the collar of the shirt as pictured and use the fabric glue to hold it in place.

tshirt costume

Fold the sleeves together to make a cape out of the shirt. The sleeves should come to a point, making a “v” shape. Place three Velcro dot pairs on the sleeves to hold them together.

velcro on costume

Cut the green felt into strips that are 12 inches wide and 36 inches long. Cut one end to make a sloped point. Use green paint to add dimension to the felt. Use a wide brush to randomly paint stripes on the felt. Let it dry completely.

felt for costume paint felt costume

Use the fabric glue to attach the pompoms to the yellow shirt. Start with two near the collar of the shirt. Next glue on three pompoms, staggering them to fit together. Add more glue between the pompoms to make sure they stick together and do not separate. Let the glue dry completely.

glue pom poms on costume

Use the fabric glue to attach two of the green felt “leaves” on each side of the shirt. Leave excess fabric at the top of the shirt so you can curl back the point and glue it down. Slightly overlap the pompoms, and arrange the green strips so that they come together at the end of the shirt. Let it dry.

Flip the shirt over. Attach velcro dots on the sides and top of the shirt as pictured. Attach the dots to the remaining green “leaf”.

funny dog costume tutorial

To put the costume on your dog, first place the costume on the pet’s back, then velcro the sleeves together under your dog’s muzzle. Slide the remaining green felt piece under your pet, along the belly, and attach it using the velcro dots. This will help keep the costume from sliding off as your pet walks.

hilarious dog pet costume


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