It’s important to choose the right name for your website or blog.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was a service that could help you find the perfect name for your next internet endeavor?  Well, this isn’t that service, but it is a fun way to find a name for your next creative project.

My husband likes to tease me about the name of my site.  He jokes that “Morena’s Corner” is a pretty boring name for a creative site.  As I explained here, when I first started my page it was just so I could enter crafting contests.  I hastily set up this blog, and I wanted to call it something clever, like “Runs with Scissors”, but that was taken. So were the other dozen “clever” names I came up with. Defeated, I named my blog because my little craft desk was in the corner of the office. (Later it moved to a corner of my closet. Now I’m in a corner of the laundry room.) I took my little time outs in the corner to craft, hence the name of blog. In the end, the name actually has worked out because most of my design work is done outside this blog, so it makes it a little easier for people to “connect the dots” since my name is in my site title.

There were times when I debated changing my site name, and I wished that there was some kind of “random name generator” to help choose the perfect name.  That’s where this fun idea came up.  Yes, it’s a little silly, and it’s supposed to be.  Keep reading to find the perfect name for your next craft or DIY blog.  Hopefully the name will be as unique as you are!  I’d love to know what the results are, so please leave a comment and let me know what your blog’s new name is!



  1. Well my name starts with G and I was born in November but the name it shows does not portray me in any way so I am back to the drawing board to come up with the perfect name for my blog. Although there is nothing perfect.

  2. What a cute idea! I know they are not names you would normally choose for a blog, but if one decided to do so, they would definitely get attention!

    — signed Learn to Fart Glitter 🙂

  3. “I love to run with scissors” – haha. What a cute way to come up with blog or post names! I think I’ll stick with “Grow in Wellness” for the time being. Thanks for making me smile.

  4. Our blog is called Says Me Says Mom. We came up with the name by putting together every combination of a mother and daughter title we could think of until we came up with one that nothing even remotely related came up in a Google or similar search. I love your post. It made me laugh because although I started my blog because my daughter and I just love writing, and we wanted a place to do it together and share it with others at the same time, we started both our Pinterest and Twitter accounts initially because we wanted to enter contests.

  5. I was thinking long and hard how to name my blog, because I love a lot of things, and my idea is to write about all of them. So, What Lana Loves was born. But I still think that I should come up with something else, find a more creative name for it.
    As I was reading your blog, I ended up laughing, because right now I am looking for a job, and check Craigslist several times a day. And guess, what name I ended up with following what you offer here- Look I Stalk Craigslist! Too funny 🙂

  6. haha, that’s cool.
    Guess my name is boring compared to some of those.
    I do love crafting, and cooking. I’m careful not to run with scissors though, but hey, sometimes I’m in a hurry to get from one project to another.
    thanks for your insight

  7. “How to Love Pinterest”. Eh. lol
    I actually had had several blogs before my current ones that were very much “niche” blogs… and I got super bored with them. So when I started this blog I wanted something I wouldn’t bore of and decided to write a blog about what God is doing in my life, which is really what my blog is about but since God is in all it’s a very expansive blog where I can talk about most anything. I came up “the Songs on the Way” as a quote out of my favorite devotional “God Calling” where Jesus’s followers are described as singing “Songs on the Way” and I thought that my blog could be a record of my “Songs” as I go “on the Way” that is, my life following Him. In this I think it will be a name that will stay relevant my entire life. It’s been 6 years and counting!

  8. “Domestically Paint Stuff”…I think I’ll keep looking, lol!

    Actually, if you go to Tumblr and act like you want to create a Tumblr blog, they give you all kinds of whacky and random (but fun!) names. There’s also a website called “NameThingy” that gives you some fun ideas. I just went there and got “Bad Fiddler”, “Prickly Dress”, and a bunch of weird stuff, haha!

    Personally, I like Morena’s Corner! It’s cute! Thanks for posting this…I needed something fun this morning!

  9. I Love To Build Chaos – Hey, it works! I do love building things and especially chaos. In my family, normal is considered boring and fascist. We like being Ab Normals. In chaos there is freedom. Yes, yes. I must create a new blog with this name. 😀

  10. “Makers Can Hate Mason Jars” – Ha! Actually, I’m still one of the few that is still in love with Mason Jars. Perhaps it’s living down South. They’re everywhere! 🙂

  11. Learn to Build Chaos! Ironically, that wouldn’t be terribly inappropriate for my lifestyle/parenting blog. Although I’d like to at least think I’m trying to tame the chaos rather than create it… but who am I kidding! Kids are chaos. That definitely gave me a giggle. What made you come up with the words for each month and then ending phrases for the letters? It’s neat! And for the record, while “Morena’s Corner” may not be super “exciting” I think it’s very nice! It’s hard to forget, too, because of how unique and lovely your name is. Thank you for sharing your new blog name generator ;).

  12. I think the hardest part for me was trying to name my blog. My husband actually came up with it and so far it has stuck with me. I think I am in love with “Makers Can Fart Glitter”….How funny. Wonderful post and great advise.

  13. Look I sew crooked! ahahaha That’s hilarious! I definitely struggled a bit with finding “the perfect” name for my blog – which is why I just went with one of my nicknames and called it a day! I’m still happy with it, luckily, but I totally understand!

  14. Mine would be – Domestically Build Chaos which would be perfect for me! My first blog was going to be a cooking blog which I named “Karen’s Kitchen”. I realized that I wanted to blog about more than cooking so I came up with “Crafty Commons”. It’s a play on Creative Commons. My material is licensed under creative commons licensing. I want anyone to be able to use my material as they see fit as long as they credit me with the original work.

  15. Creative Homes Love Pinterest – not bad, right? It is really hard to name your blog – you want it to be memorable, yet connected to what you blog about – no easy task!

  16. This is hilarious… my next blog name is : Look! I Build Chaos. This was a fun post thanks! I can definitely relate to the difficulty of finding the perfect name. Sometimes it’s just right.. Other times you have to warm up to the name.

  17. When I first started blogging I thought I had come up with the perfect name. My Fruitful Home. Apparently so did someone else, because they bought it. I forgot to renew it before the deadline! I had to change it to My Fruitful Home.

  18. Ok, I am Creative Homes Run with Scissors! And yes, I can relate. It’s so hard to come up with a creative blog title because they’ve been thought of before! I like Morena’s Corner. That works!

  19. Look I paint stuff! Names are hard! When I started almost 10 years ago it was Junebug’s Musings because I was musing about stuff. Then I decided to go with Simply Junebug but that was before everything was suddenly Simply blah blah. I’ve been thinking of a new name for awhile but nothing has felt right yet.

  20. Coming up with a name for my blog was one of the hardest things when I got started. This was a fun exercise, but I don’t think “Learn to hate mason jars” would work for me. But it does make me laugh! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Mine would be, “Creative Homes, Fart Glitter” …which might actually fly. Lol. I too named my blog quickly. If I could do it all over again… Yes, but it is so much more than just a name. Content still is what is shared first, not a blog name.

  22. Hi Morena!

    I think your name generator is a great idea – especially if you want to come up with a name that is both unique, and immediately grabs attention. Plus, who wouldn’t notice a name like the one your generator just gave me: “Look! I fart glitter!”


  23. I love to hate mason jars! LOL This is definitely a fun way to come up with the name for a blog! I actually based my blog’s name, Mommy Knows What’s Best, on two things: a children’s book that reminded little birds that their mother knew what was best, and the song “Mother Knows Best” from Tangled. It was a spin off at first from my other name ThePracticalMommy, but now it stands on its own.

  24. Creative Homes Build Chaos….that could work in mine….at least the chaos part! We’ve got that down! I like the voice of your blog…thanks for the fun post!

  25. I got How To Hate Mason Jars – which is funny to me, since I love using mason jars for many things lol. Like right now, I’m using a mason jar for a water glass, and it’s so convenient for freshly brewed iced tea or coffee.

  26. Creative Homes Stalk Craigslist. I think people would want to avoid my blog instead of visit it with that name. I agree, you should put some thought into naming your blog because it will stick with you for a long time! I am in the middle of renaming, rebranding and re-launching my blog so I know it is a painful (but necessary) process at this stage of my blogging career.

  27. Striving to Run with Scissors! Could be an interesting starting point. Not sure it would work for an experienced teacher but the idea most definitely made me smile. Thanks for the light relief.

  28. Look I love Pinterest. . . which is so true. I think the name of your blog is just fine. Sometimes we can rack our brains to say something creative and unique when simple says it all, perfectly. Thank you for a fun post. Good luck.

  29. Haha! Mine would be “Strive to Perfectly Craft”. It actually kinda fits. I like the blog name I have right now for my blog, but soon it won’t fit. I will have to decide if I want a new name or not.

  30. Makers Can Sew Crooked – Yep I sew crooked at times! Cute, but there would be more of us with the same named blogs causing a whole lot of confusion. Best to go back to the old way of choosing – whatever that might be! Lol!

  31. OH geez. I love other names seen while reading comments, but not my own too much. It’s kinda long, even it it may or may not be true. LOL

    “Oops I Spend Grocery Money of Craft Supplies”

  32. The generator came up with “Watch Me Perfectly Craft,” LOL!

    I think I’ll stick with “Erin Made That.” I know, I know… How did I EVER come up with such a creative name, right?


    Very cute posting 🙂


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