Valentine’s Day (much like Christmas) is most enjoyed by little ones.  What’s not to like about chocolate, candy, hugs, and kisses?  As you get older, Valentine’s day can get kind of complicated.  This year I’m going to celebrate like a child, with my children, and have a Valentine’s day brunch.

I love how younger children enjoy the simplicity of simply sitting together and talking.  I try to make the most of it, because I know that as they get older they find their friends and other things to be much more interesting than I am.  This tiny little white table set has been our longtime spot to chat and snack at.  I used to sit in one of the chairs till I noticed the legs bowing out (oops!) so now I bring  a different chair to our tiny table.

I kept the Valentine’s day table decor simple.  I glued paper doilies from the dollar store to colorful card stock, and fussy cut around the edges. These make pretty placemats that we can draw on later.

My centerpiece was sent to me by ProFlowers.  My daughter is obsessed with owls, and this sweet “Owl Always Love You” potted plant was too cute to pass up.  As much as I love cut flowers, I always prefer potted plants because you get to enjoy the beautiful flowers so much longer.  As I mentioned in this post I like to do a little gardening with my children, so once the weather warms up we will head to our little courtyard garden and add these flowers to our “fantastical” garden.

I surrounded the owl centerpiece with paper roses.  Simple, lots of pink, and perfect for a weekend brunch with my two youngest children.  These pictures are a little peek at our practice run, where my daughter got to have “tea” with her favorite stuffed animals.  How I love this girl!  Look at that tutu shirt paired with the monster slippers.  She’s one of a kind, and I think it’s awesome.

On Valentine’s day we’ll enjoy donuts and bacon (per their request) with apple and orange juice.  What a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day!  What are your plans?


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