Celebrate birthdays in your family by making a custom, colorful happy birthday cup.  Use glass paint markers to create this gift.

I’ve seen custom “happy birthday” plates in stores, but never a birthday celebration drinking glass, so I decided to make my own.  My kids like using this glass on their special day (and even when it’s not their birthday!)  The bright colors make it fun to look at and to use.  If you enjoy coloring books then this craft is perfect for  you!

Happy Birthday Cup Tutorial

Supplies used to make the Happy Birthday Cup:

  • Clear Drinking Glasss
  • DecoArt Glass Paint Markers
  • Printable

Step one:  Cut the printable to fit your glass, and insert it in the glass.  You can use a bit of tape to hold it in place if needed.

Step two:  Start with the black paint marker, and trace the outline of the candles and cake.  It’s kind of like creating your own coloring book page!

Step three:  Use the colored paint markers to fill in the design with lots of beautiful color.  Note that these colors are opaque, so you will still see through them, and create a pretty stained glass effect.

Step four:  Let the paint dry for 48 hours.  To set the paint permanently, place the glass on a cookie sheet in a cool oven.  Set the oven to 200 degrees and turn it on.  Let the glass bake for 20 minutes.  Turn the oven off, and let the glass cool off in the oven.  This will take several hours.  Don’t remove the glass until it has cooled.

I added some fun stars to the bottom of the glass.  You could write a message, too.  It’s just a cute little something extra for the birthday boy or girl to see when they empty their cup.

Are you interested in trying other glass painting projects?  It’s fun to work with glass paints once you know which products to use and how to use them correctly.  Here are some other projects to check out:

Have fun crafting and creating with glass paint!


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