Create custom Unicorn Farts and other fun bubble bottle labels by using weatherproof labels from

Create custom Unicorn Farts and other fun bubble bottle labels

Some of my Facebook friends and I have a little joke about “unicorn island”.  When our lives or the world gets so crazy that we need a little escape, we joke that we are running away to unicorn island for a bit.  When we met up in person I decided to make a small gift “from” unicorn island.  I presented them with Unicorn Farts.

Create custom Unicorn Farts and other fun bubble bottle labels by using weatherproof labels from Free printables with tutorial.

If unicorns existed I would imagine their farts to be magical.  So I added glitter to bubble solution, put it in a tiny vial with an adorable custom made label, and created my own Unicorn Farts.  Everyone laughed when they received this gift.

I didn’t realize how much the rest of the world loved unicorns until this week when Starbucks debuted a unicorn drink and social media exploded.  Since unicorns are so “hip”, I thought the time was right to share my unicorn farts with the world.  Enjoy!

free printable for personal use unicorn farts

Supplies Used to Make Unicorn Farts Bubble Bottles:

unicorn farts free printable image

Step one:  Download my free printable and resize them so they will fit the bottle you are using.  I used tiny bottles that were less than 2 inches tall.

peel the diy sticker off the backing

Step two:  Print the image on weatherproof vinyl paper. Click HERE for the labels I use. These labels are perfect for bubble bottles because the ink will not smear or run at all if the label gets wet.

Step three:  Trim the label off the paper and adhere it to the bottle.

Step four:  Add bubble solution to the bottle, and mix in a bit of ultra fine glitter.  Note:  The ultra fine glitter will STICK to the bubbles and land wherever the bubble pops.  Do NOT blow these bubbles in people’s faces!

how to twist wiremake a wire bubble blower

Step five:  Use a round tool to wrap a bit of craft wire into a circle.  Press the end of the circle into the cork bottle top.  Now you have a bubble blower!

unicorn farts bubble bottles DIY

I finished the bottles off with a bit of elastic cord wrapped around the neck of the bottle.  I presented the gifts wrapped inside little jewelry plastic baggies, just in case they leaked.  They didn’t leak, but better safe than sorry!

ninjago bubble bottle free printable

It’s so fun and easy to decorate plain plastic bubble bottles with your own custom labels.  As I mentioned before, the printable weatherproof vinyl is ideal because the image won’t smear or streak when it gets wet.  Here’s a peek at some Ninjago inspired bubble bottle labels that I’ll be showing in a future tutorial.

And here are some fun wedding themed printable labels that you can use.  Bubbles are a fun alternative to throwing bird seed at the end of a wedding, and you can customize these labels with names and a date.

wedding bubble bottle labels printable

Any bubble bottle labels you’d like to see made?  Leave me a comment and I’ll see if I can make them!  Have fun crafting and creating with printable labels!

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  1. I went through all the steps to get the Unicorn labels. Then I get an e-mail saying no download file available. How do I get the labels?


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