Turn a Goodwill thrift store find into a Pennywise Easter bunny.

A thrift store group I’m in hosted an Easter themed challenge this month. The goal was to make a creepy bunny/Easter themed craft using thrift store items. I was going to sit this challenge out until I found this music box at my local Goodwill San Antonio store. It was too good to pass up. The costume made me think of Pennywise, the clown from the movie “It”, and the stick was just begging me to put a balloon on it. Here’s how I made Pennywise Easter bunny.

Pennywise Easter Bunny Thrift Store Flip

Supplies Used to Make Pennywise Easter Bunny: (affiliate links included)

pennywise easter bunny

Use a fine brush and red multisurface paint to add the clown’s nose, mouth, and eye markings. Let the paint dry completely.

Squeeze and shape a round styrofoam ball into a balloon-like shape.

Stretch a balloon over the styrofoam piece very, very tightly. Pull it until it looks like a balloon, then twist the end very tightly. Tie the end with a piece of twine. Leave the tails on the twine, but cut the excess balloon off. Use the rest of the twine to attach the “balloon” to the end of the stick by tying it on. Now you can trim the twine. I had to use a dot of glue on the string to keep it from sliding around.

Use the Ultra Dye to stain a piece of white fur. Let the dye dry completely and then fluff it in the dryer for a few minutes. Trim the fur to fit the Pennywise Easter bunny’s head. Use a hot glue gun to attach the “hair” to the rabbit.

Pennywise Easter Bunny Thrift Store Flip

You definitely do NOT want this Easter bunny showing up at your house! For more fun with Pennywise, check out my tutorial for this Pennywise clown wreath.


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