Make a flower fabric bowl to create beautiful decor or storage.

Fabric Flower Bowl

My leaf bowls have been such a popular project (even Hallmark Channel STOLE my content…grrrr) that I wanted to find other ways to make bowls using textiles. I used flower dies with Oly-Fun fabric to make this colorful, unique bowl. It’s a great way to add a pop of color this spring and to store lightweight items inside.

Fabric Flower Bowl

Supplies Used to make Flower Fabric Bowls: (affiliate links included)

Cover the flower pot with plastic wrap or plastic bags. This will make it much easier to remove the bowl when it has dried!

Die cut flowers from various colors of Oly-Fun fabric. The number will depend on how large you want the bowl to be. I cut 3-4 sheets of Oly-Fun at one time.

Paint each flower with the fabric stiffener and place them on the bowl. Start with the base of the pot and work toward the top. Be sure to overlap the flowers slightly so they can dry together.

Fabric Flower Bowl

If you find that the flowers are slipping down the flower pot, you can cover the wet flowers with plastic wrap and place them in a sunny location until they partially dry. The plastic wrap slows the drying time, so you’ll want to take it off after several hours to let the fabric dry completely.

Fabric Flower Bowl

Remove the plastic wrap from the pot and check the bowl to make sure it is rigid. If it is not, add more fabric stiffener. If it is rigid, carefully peel away the plastic wrap so you can admire your new bowl!

Fabric Flower Bowl

I originally published this project on the Fairfield World site, where I am a Master maker.


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