I’m a girl who loves everything retro and vintage, so one of my go to hair accessories is a wire headband.  Every seen one?  It’s like a scarf with wire in it, and you can wrap it around your head in a variety of ways to make an adorable fashion statement.  (Or just hide the fact that you didn’t have time to do your hair!)  These headbands are very simple to make!
(This post first appeared at Dollar Store Crafts, where you can find me every Tuesday!)


  • Tie
  • Floral Wire
  • Needle and thread

Step one:  I saved time by using fun ties purchased at Dollar Tree, but you could use your own fabric, too.  I measured around my head and added 8 inches, then measured the tie and cut off the wide end.

Step two:  Cut the floral wire two inches longer than the length of the headband.  Wrap the ends of the wire into circles so there are no sharp ends.

Step three:  Slip the wire into the tie, started at the uncut end.

Step four:  Fold and stitch the ends of the tie shut so the wire can’t slip out.  I made points on my shamrock headband, and left flat ends on the Valentine headband.

This is such a quick, simple project using a tie!  The floral wire from Dollar Tree was enough to make two headbands, and I made both of these in less than 15 minutes.  I’ll be stalking the dollar store for other colors of ties to make more headbands.  Just wrap and twist one around your head, and you’re ready to put your best face forward!


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