This dumpster fire ornament is the perfect holiday memento for 2020. This is a sponsored post with

2020 dumpster fire ornaments

This year has been something, hasn’t it? I truly can say that 2020 was a year unlike any other I have ever lived. On top of the pandemic and all the related worries, I had not one but TWO of my kids break bones this year, both in the same month. No one in our family has ever broken a bone till now.

2020 dumpster fire ornament

It could have been so much worse, so I have done my best to laugh it off and focus on the positives. One of the fun things to come out of this crazy year is this hilarious dumpster fire ornament. Coloring in these wood cut ornaments has been an incredible way to relieve stress. I’ve kept pretty busy my painting, sealing, and selling these one of a kind ornaments. postcard paper

I wanted to find a simple yet eye catching way to package them, so I turned to my favorite printable product brand, I love their card stock postcards because they are high quality and so easy to design.

printable postcard paper

I chose a brick wall background for my dumpster fire ornaments. It was easy to add the image to the template the site provides, and then just print it out.

dumpster fire Christmas ornaments

The printable card stock postcards are perforated, so all I had to do was fold along the dotted lines and then the cards separated easily and with no ripping. Four postcards are on each sheet, and I saved a ton of time since I didn’t have to measure and cut the cards myself.

dumpster fire ornaments for Christmas 2020

I used a glue dot to attach the dumpster fire ornament to the postcard. All the was left to do was to slip my product into a clear gift bag and tape the package shut.

I love the reaction I got from my customers! See, 2020 wasn’t all bad if we can still laugh about it!



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