This toilet paper ornament DIY is a hilarious way to remember the craziness of the year 2020. This is a sponsored post with Maker’s Movement.

handmade tiny toilet paper funny ornament 2020

What a year it’s been! I recently shared that I have been making and selling Christmas ornaments as a way to help myself (and others) find joy this year. While the dumpster fire ornaments are so very appropriate, who can forget the great toilet paper shortages of 2020? It was a crazy time and I’m glad we can laugh about it now!

tiny toilet paper ornament

This toilet paper ornament DIY was a blast to make. I designed it so it would look like a sweet, traditional snow filled ornament from a distance. Upon closer inspection, people always burst out in laughter when they see the teeny tiny rolls of toilet paper nestled in the snow. 😂 I laugh just thinking about it!

Makers Movement shaker sprinkles in ornament

New products from Maker’s Movement gave this ornament the perfect finishing touches. The Jingle Bells Shaker Sets for their winter line are amazingly cute and so versatile! I sprinkled their itty bitty white and blue snowflakes into a glass ornament and added a dash of fake snow. Together they make the perfect “snow blanket” to nestle the tiny handmade toilet paper rolls on.

bow maker die Maker's Movement

The new bow maker die from Maker’s Movement helped me give this ornament the most adorable finishing touch! I really love how cute this paper now is, and I will be getting loads of use out of this die set. It’s one that I can use all year long for every season and holiday.

die cut paper bow

Simply die cut the pieces out of your favorite paper (I used my Crossover II die cutting machine), and use glue dots to hold the pieces together. Use another glue dot to add the bow to the top of the ornament.

2020 toilet paper ornament

How cute is this toilet paper ornament? Visit my Etsy shop or Facebook page to learn how to purchase!


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