Learn how to easily make Santa and snowman ornaments to decorate your tree with or to give as gifts. 

make ornaments with mod podge

I just love handmade Christmas ornaments!  It’s fun to add a personal touch to your tree, and hanging your DIY ornaments up each year will bring back lots of fun memories.  Here are two fun tutorials for some simple handmade projects:  santa and snowman ornaments!

how to make santa and snowman ornaments

Snowman Ornament Supplies

  • Styrofoam Ball (4 inches)
  • Mod Podge
  • Glitter
  • Doll making parts:  eyes and carrot nose
  • Black hat ornament

mod podge a christmas ornament

Place a stick in one end of the styrofoam ball to help hold it in place while you work.  Paint  the ball with Mod Podge.

add glitter to a DIY ornament

Immediately after painting the ball with Mod Podge, sprinkle iridescent or white glitter onto the wet glue.  Let the Mod Podge dry for several hours.

how to make a snowman ornamentPush the black screw in eyes into the foam.

miniatures for DIY ornamentPush the carrot nose into the foam.

Use hot glue to attach the fabric hat ornament to the top of the foam ball.

Make the Santa Ornament Supplies

Paint a round pink circle inside one half of the tear drop ornament.  This will be the face.

how to paint a christmas ornamentPaint the rest of the interior of the ornament (both halves) with red paint.  Let the paint dry.

how to use collage clay on ornaments put collage clay on ornamentsUse the white collage clay to add the beard and trim to the Santa ornament.  Collage clay comes in a tube just like cake icing, and you apply it the same way you decorate a cake.  Place the star tip (it comes in the package) on the collage clay, and squeeze out a bit of clay at a time.  Make the beard, hair, and hat trim with the clay.  Let it dry completely.

Use a black marker to add eyes to the face of the ornament.

Press the halves of the ornament together, and add a string to hang it up!

make a santa and snowman ornament

These colorful ornaments will add cheer to your Christmas tree!  They’d be fun to make as gifts, too.  Have fun crafting and creating your own Christmas tree ornaments! For more creative Christmas craft ideas, click on the image below!



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