Make cute snow globe shadow boxes to decorate for Christmas. They also make fun gifts!retro clock Christmas decor

I have always loved snow globes! I have only lived in snowy places for a few years of my entire life, and snow globes are the closest substitute I have to the real stuff. I like to make snow globes, too, like I did with this repurposed hummingbird feeder and these wine glass snow globe ornaments. Here’s another cute way to make snow globe inspired decor, using itty bitty micro bead filler by Fairfield World.

snow globe frames

Snow Globe Shadow Boxes Supplies

I made a video tutorial to show how easy it is to make your own snow globe inspired shadow boxes. Click on the play button below to see all the steps for creating this cute and easy to make project.

snowman shadow box decor

I found the shadow boxes and miniatures at Goodwill. This tiny box frames (about 3 inches square) were perfect for this project. I glued miniatures inside and outside the frame to create this whimsical pieces of winter home decor.

snowman christmas decor tutorial

Check the thrift store often to find bags full of little minatures like these. I find a lot of these items in the summer, when people are moving and cleaning out their attics and garages.

christmas shadow box with snow

The micro pellets are great for small scale projects like this one. I like how Santa looks like he is walking in snow. Kids will enjoy shaking the frame to watch the snow swirl around and fall to the ground.

DIY shadow box holiday decor

The clock doesn’t work anymore, and even if it did I’m not sure that the hands would make it through the “snow”. It makes an adorable piece of decor, though! Have fun crafting and creating for Christmas!

snow globe inspired shadow box decor



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