This retro candle label printable is perfect for creating fun gifts for your friends. Inpsired by Anne Taintor, these are sure to brighten your day! This is a sponsored post.

anne taintor inspired candle

I absolutely adore Anne Taintor products. Every year I order a planner and calendar from her. I wanted to make some fun gifts to cheer friends up with, and her style seemed perfect for making someone laugh. I grabbed my printable labels from and got to designing!

retro candle printable for gifts

The printable stickers I used are labeled as name badges but they are the perfect size for small candles!

funny retro wax candle label

The labels are also perfect for wax melt containers, so I can buy those and cover up the boring label with these cute ones to give my friends.

retro housewife printables

Retro Candle Label Printable Supplies

funny retro housewife printables

I used PicMonkey to design my labels. First I downloaded the free template from so I could make sure I sized the images correctly. I have a tutorial on how to use Picmonkey, or you can use your own editing program. I added the background, clip art, and then the text that I liked.

humorous retro candle gifts

Print the image at 100%. Then all you have to do is peel and stick the labels on the candles.

how to make candle gifts

I found most of these candles at Dollar Tree. The small votive candles are perfect for this project. Just add the funny retro candle label printable over the other one and VOILA. Instant cheer!

anne taintor style candle

I love that this candle looks like a to go coffee cup. It matches the message perfectly!

funny retro candle printables

If you make your own candles, this is a fun way to personalize the label. Otherwise just improve a purchased candle with the retro candle label printable to create a unique gift that will make your friends smile.


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