Learn how to make a ceiling fan blade dragonfly decorated with vinyl. This is a sponsored post with StyleTechCraft.

how to make a dragonfly with fan blades and vinyl

We have a Goodwill Clearance Center in town that is quite the experience. It’s definitely not for everyone, but if you enjoy people watching and hunting for thrift store treasures then it’s something you have to try. At least once.

close up of vinyl mosaic

I found a ceiling fan blade in one of the bins over a year ago and started to look for the rest. Luckily, I found four. I had seen ceiling fan blade dragonfly projects all over Pinterest and wanted to make one, too. Now the hunt was on for the body.

ceiling fan blades dragonfly tutorial

The ceiling fan blades sat in my garage for a loooong time, and I finally found an unusual wood piece that was perfect for the body. I still wasn’t sure what colors to use, or how to decorate the wings, so the project pieces languished in my garage.

vinyl mosaic dragonfly fan blades

FINALLY inspiration struck. Instead of stenciling the wings, I came up with the idea of using vinyl instead. I decided to create a mosaic like pattern using Ultra Metallic FX vinyl. Here’s how I made it.

Ceiling Fan Blade Dragonfly Supplies

  • Four Ceiling Fan Blades
  • Wood Piece or Table Leg for Body
  • StyleTechCraft Ultra Metallics and Ultra FX Vinyl in Blues and Greens
  • DecoArt Matte Metallics Paint

I made a short video to explain how I made this project. The video let’s you see how glittery the vinyl is. It’s hard to capture all that shimmer in photos, but the video shows how fabulous it is! Check out the video tutorial below:

This project was a lot of work and absolutely worth it! This ceiling fan blade dragonfly adds a nice jolt of color and whimsy to my outdoor space. You could also hang this on your fence for decor. Have fun crafting and creating with thrift store finds and vinyl!



  1. Absolutely stunning!! Did you seal the painted wood before you applied the vinyl? I am going to finish mine using the opal vinyl…once I find the right piece for the body!

  2. Hey Morena, Just going through my emails and saw the dragonfly fan blades and thought it would be to enhance the blades on the fan. This is so much better! I’m obsessed with dragonflys ever since I went fishing with my dad when I was a young girl!

    • The vinyl sheets are weather resistant on surfaces like glass, and do pretty well on the laminate blades. I have mine displayed on a covered porch, but if I moved it to the fence I would seal it with a paint on sealant or resin.


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