It’s getting warmer and I’m ready to head outside and do some gardening!  I love to put fun, unusual critters in my yard, so I decided to try my hand at metal “art” (ha!)

I used an inexpensive whisk to create this pretty, sparkly dragonfly!  I found the whisk for just $1 at my local grocery store, but this would also be a way to recycle any old balloon whisks you have lying around. I was tempted to spray paint my dragonfly, but in the end, I left it silver.  That’s always an option, though, if you want something more colorful.

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  • Metal Balloon Whisk
  • Wire Cutters
  • Faceted beads
  • Craft or jewelry wire

Step one:  Bend two loops out to each side to make the wings of the dragonfly.

Step two:  Use wire cutters to cut the loop that is left in the center.  Cut it so one piece is about 5 inches long.  Straighten the longer piece of wire and point it down to use as a stake.

Step three:  Use pliers to bend the short piece of wire into a loop to attach the head to.  Thread craft wire through two large beads, and twist it onto the loop of large wire to hold the “eyes” in place.

Use the stake to place your dragonfly in a potted plant, along a walkway, or anywhere else you like!  You could make the stake shorter to put the dragonfly on a wreath.  I can’t wait to make more of these and fill my garden with lots of buzzing dragonflies!


  1. What a fantastic craft! I’m def making these very soon if not later today. Thanks for sharing your creation with us 🙂
    Sarah from

  2. What a fun and creative piece! Knowing you, Morena, your mind is always going round and round thinking of crafting ideas. I know mine is. You can really bling the dragonfly out by threading smaller beads on thin wire and wrapping it around the body or wings.

    • Would love to see that and have directions. My 5 year old granddaughter would be crazy about helping to makee something so beautiful with her grandma and putting it in the garden

  3. I just found you and am I glad! This is right up my ally. I’m have the supplies on hand and I am making the butterfly and dragonfly today. Thanks so much. BTW, I’m now of the email list and can’t wait for more!

  4. I hope to make a few of these in varying sizes with whisks that are just a tad flimsy. The good part of this is they’re silicone coated in bright colors. I think this will brighten them up & the wire parts will be thicker to show up even more. Thanks for a great idea. Looking forward to seeing your other “whisk creatures”.

  5. Hi ~ I have 3 whisks to make the dragonfly. However, I notice they all 3 have a metal disc holding the wires. The photos you show do not have this. Even the new one I purchased had the disc. How did you remove it? I love the idea. I’m making these for a niece who is loves dragonflies. Thank you and have a great day.

    • Thanks for mentioning that…one of mine had that and another didn’t. I’ll take pictures next time I make one, but I used jewelry wire cutters to snip off the metal disk. Cut each circle at the shortest end until you can pop the metal disk off.

  6. The timing of finding this idea and tutorial is PERFECT! Dragonflies are my older sister’s ALL TIME FAVORITE whimsy!!! Our elderly parents live out of state and we are taking turns, three weeks per time, to care for them. She knew I was planting seventeen new hydrangeas on the North side of my house and asked if I would pot a few for her. I did so, and they are healthy and have big gorgeous pink and blue blooms! Before I go down for my turn and relieve her, I WILL be using one of my old whisks to add a touch of love and whimsy to her flowers! You have no idea how VERY MUCH this means, for us both! God is using you as an ENORMOUS blessing right now! Thank you, so very very much!

    • You made my day….thank you for the sweet comment. 🙂 I adore hydrangeas, and the pink and blue flowers with the dragonfly will be delightful. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I will be making these very soon! How cute. Perfrect for my garden. Got any ideas (aside from golf balls) to make ladybugs? I want to saturate my garden with homemade, easy, not too expensive, cute and Florida known critters….common here. I just love this idea! I have about 6 wisks, different sizes, and everyone is going to wonder “what happened to them”. LOL*

    • Have you seen where people paint rocks or bowling balls to look like ladybugs? Those are really cute! I’m so glad you enjoyed this. Thank you!


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