This post is part of a campaign with Tiny Prints and Looksi Square, but all ideas and opinions are my own.

Child #3 is about to “graduate” from kindergarten, and I have to say that it’s still bittersweet.  I’m proud and happy for her, but sad to see my “baby” grow up so quickly.  I imagine that’s what it must feel like for those of you with high school and college graduates:  a mixture of “yeah, we did it!” with “there s/he goes”.  As I’ve mentioned before, I tend to cope with mixed emotions by crafting.  It’s a fun distraction and keeps me focused on an activity that I enjoy.  So I’m staying busy making fun graduation party favors to share at my daughter’s end of year party.  These favors are simple to make and you can easily have several done in no time at all.

When it comes time for real graduations, I’ll turn to Tiny Prints for gorgeous graduation announcements.  I just love their products. I used Tiny Prints services for my birth announcements and their stylish selection and quality is outstanding.  I was drawn to the fact that they offer many shaped cards (I went with a round design for my son’s birth announcement!) but I also love the way the back of the card and the envelope liner coordinate perfectly with the announcement, like the one pictured above.  For 2015 grads, Tiny Prints offers trendy options like letterpress designs and stunning foil stamped designs.  Just check out “Gleaming Success“, the beautiful foil stamped announcement pictured below.

To make the graduation cap bubble bottles:

Step one:  Cut craft foam into 1.5 inch squares, and cut strips that will fit around the bottle.

Step two:  Hot glue the foam pieces onto the bubble bottles.  Glue a bit of twine to the top to make a tassel.

In addition to making adorable favors, these little graduation bubble bottles make great table decor.  Display them with a graduation announcement, like the gorgeous “Elegant Academia” design pictured above.

To make the diploma party favors:

Step one:  Fill the jewelry bead tubes with mints, chocolates, or whatever you like.  If you want to use them as balloon weights, just fill with small pebbles or anything to add weight.

Step two:  Cut the vellum into 12 inch by 6 inch strips.  Roll it around the tube and tie with a bit of ribbon.

These cute “diplomas” are not only fun favors that your guests can take home, but you can use them as balloon weights and table decor.  I paired mine with this gorgeous scallop trimmed foil stamped designed announcement called “Hello Graduate“.  Have fun shopping for the perfect graduation announcement from Tiny Prints, and enjoy crafting and creating your graduation party favors!



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