Make DIY vinyl candle labels to create your own custom home decor. This is a sponsored post with StyleTech Craft.

removable vinyl

I like to stock up on candles when I find a good deal because they are fun to customize and make cute gifts. Vinyl is perfect for making your own candle labels because it stays put and won’t smear or streak when you handle the candle.

funny candle label

StyleTech Crafts’ removable vinyl line is great for DIY vinyl candle labels. The vinyl sticks but it gives you some grace…if there’s a bubble under the vinyl you can easily peel a corner up and restick it. The removable vinyl is more forgiving that way, and it’s perfect for temporary or short-term projects. When the candle has burned down, I can easily take the vinyl off and recycle or reuse the glass container for a different project!

snarky candle

DIY Vinyl Candle Labels Supplies

I started out my measuring my candles so I knew how large to make the labels. Then I used my Silhouette Design Studio to create the different label designs. Some were inspired by memes, and others were just fun things I have seen on t-shirts and mugs.

styletech craft vinyl on candles

Cut the designs from the various vinyl colors. The removable line has a HUGE assortment of colors. The black matte removable vinyl was perfect for the text. It helps it stand out against the colorful backgrounds.

cut vinyl for candles

Weed the cut vinyl designs. I used to HATE to weed text, but that was before I used StyleTech Craft vinyl. Their vinyl is the easiest to weed. (Trust me…I have used lots of types of vinyl. This one wins easily.) It only took a few minutes to weed all the different pieces.

transfer vinyl to candles

I used transfer tape to apply the vinyl to the candles. And they’re done!

vinyl candle label

I like to wrap them up in clear cellophane and add a cute ribbon to finish them off if these are gifts. They are so quick and easy to make that you can make several for party favors, small gifts, or to decorate an event with.

DIY vinyl candle labels

Have fun crafting and creating with vinyl!

styletechcraft best vinyl for crafters


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