One of the things I love about outdoor decorating is that there are so few designing “musts”. You’re free to be creative and carefree when decorating your garden.  I’ve shown you how I enjoy turning toys into planters, as well as how I make my own cement planters. Now with this chair planter tutorial I’m turning a rusty, seemingly unusable patio chair into a beautiful mini garden.

chair garden

Chair Planter Supplies

  • Metal outdoor chair
  • Metallic Paste in Rose Gold
  • Chicken wire
  • Zip ties
  • Fabric
Wipe down the chair as needed to remove flaking paint and dirt.  I opted to keep my chair rusty “as is” because I think the aging adds to the character of the piece.  Plus, it will be sitting outside aging even more in the elements!
Use an old washcloth to pick up the metallic paste.  The paste is kind of like soft wax.  If your paste is too dry, you can add a bit of water to soften it.  Use the cloth to rub the paste onto the surface of the chair.  I love the way the rose gold metallic shimmer contrasts with the rust.
Wear sturdy gloves for this step!  Cut a square of chicken wire to fit in the base of the chair.  Use zip ties to attach the four corners of the wire square to the top of the seat.  Cut and bend the wire to form a basket where the chair seat would be.  Use zip ties to hold the wire basket in place.
flower bed chair
I wanted the chair to look like it was still a seat, so I added fabric to the back and bottom.  You will, at the very least, need to place some kind of fabric over the chicken wire to keep the soil in the basket in place.  My chair had pegs that I attached the fabric with by pushing the metal peg through the meshlike fabric.  You could also stitch the fabric to the frame.
chair garden
Fill the basket with soil, then add your flowers.  I added bright, beautiful mums to add color to my fall garden.
This pretty chair garden added so much color to my fall yard.  I originally created this project for the HomeDIT website as a contributor. Since then, this project has undergone a few fun changes.
fairy garden in chair
For a while, it was a fairy garden. I glued moss onto the fabric and filled in the seat area.
ivy on chair garden
Now it’s covered in faux ivy. It’s been a great way to add some greenery to my landscaping during the dead of winter!



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