I love handmade Valentine’s, and I try to encourage my kids to make their Valentines instead of buying them.  This year, inspired by my two year old’s favorite song, I decided to make animal shaped Valentines.  I used products from American Crafts  to make fox and mouse valentines out of heart shapes.  I also made a “foxy” bag to hold the valentines in.

I love American Craft cardstock.  It’s easy to cut and fold, yet firm enough to hold it’s shape for 3-D projects like this.  I love the vivid colors, too, and they match beautifully with the Pebbles candy dots and the glitter tape.

Do you see the mouse’s tail?  Can you tell what it is?

To learn the answer to that, and to see how to make these projects, check out this short Crafty Hangout video I made:

Thanks to American Crafts for providing the materials for this tutorial!


  1. These are really sweet Morena! And I watched your video – I’m so impressed! You make it look easy. Alt Summit was all about video this year but I don’t know if I’ll ever take that step. It seems so daunting, but you make it look easy. I’ll have to get some tips from you sometime. Also, thanks for stopping by my blog and checking out my burlap runner – I meant to respond to your comment but then forgot!


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