This vinyl Spotify code frame is an easy to customize gift for anyone special in your life! This is a sponsored post with StyleTech Craft Vinyl.

spotify code on frame gift

My oldest son graduated high school this year and is heading off to college in August. I’m excited for him, even though I will miss him like crazy, and want to send him off with a little bit of home. Since I won’t be around to wake him up in the morning with music, I used StyleTech Craft vinyl to make a “musical” frame for him. When he scans the code, a special song will play.

opal vinyl on frame

The frame I used is reversible, so I put his school logo on one side, with a picture of all of us on his signing day. I can’t wait to see what he does as a Moundbuilder soccer player!

weed the vinyl

Vinyl Spotify Code Frame Gift Supplies

  • Opal Vinyl in various colors
  • Ikea Fiestad Frame
  • Spotify Code
  • Silhouette Cutting Machine & Design Studio
  • Transfer Tape
  • Weeding and transfer tools

supplies for putting vinyl on frame

Find the song you want to share and take a screenshot of the code. Import the image to Silhouette Design Studio, trace it, and cut it from the opal vinyl. Weed the vinyl and use transfer tape to place the design code on the frame.

transfer tape on vinyl

The right tools make it easier to keep bubbles away!

styletechcraft opal vinyl

You really have to see the opal vinyl yourself to see how amazing the color is! The color changes depending on the angle you are looking at. I just LOVE this vinyl. It’s my favorite to use on my car because it looks so cool!

opal vinyl college frame

I used two colors of opal vinyl to make Jinx the cat. One for the back and one to create the face. Again, the opal vinyl changes color slightly and is hard to photograph, but it is an amazing look!

vinyl spotify code frame gift

Here’s a short video clip that shows how you scan the code to make the song play:

Have fun crafting and creating fun, musical decor with StyleTech Craft vinyl!

styletechcraft best vinyl for crafters



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