As I mentioned in this round up post, I love practical jokes and gags.  I saw this idea for a head in a jar, and thought that was a bit too macabre for my family, so I made me own version with an alien head instead.  This is a quick project to make!

Supplies used:

  • InkJet Transparency Paper
  • Spray on Waterproof Sealant
  • Glass Jar
  • Alcohol Ink

Step one:  Print this alien head on transparency paper.  You will need to resize it as needed to fit your jar.  Trim off excess.

Step two:  The print out is not waterproof, so I sealed mine with a spray on sealant.  I used this product from Americana.

Step three:  Fill the jar with water.  Tint it with alcohol ink to look like formaldehyde.

Step four:  Insert the image in the jar and close.

I put mine in the fridge and waited for reactions.  They were wonderful!  It wasn’t scary enough to freak anyone out, but gross enough for everyone to make a face and say “what is that???”  Mission accomplished!

I’d love to see your pictures if you try this!  Post your project on my Facebook page if you want to share your prank with me.



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