While I love modern technology, I miss the hands on aspect of old school media.  The feel of a vinyl album, the smell of 35 mm film, and the sight of movie reels all bring back memories.  I remember how proud I was of earning an A/V “license” in elementary school, so I could help the teacher load the movie projector.  While photo slides were a little before my time, I do have fond memories of going through my parent’s boxes of slides and holding them up to the light to squint at the tiny images.

This nostalgia causes me to become a little giddy when I find old audio visual items at Goodwill San Antonio.  I often find these slide tray carousels, and I can’t resist buying them.  I have a small collection, and I decided it was time to start upcycling them.  My first idea is this fun desk organizer.  I wanted a fun way to display my business cards when I do demos, and this is it!   As I crafted, I came up with three different fun ideas for repurposing slide carousels.



  • Slide Carousel
  • Silver Charger or Table Mirror
  • Paint
  • E-6000

Step one:  Spray paint the slide carousel.

Step two:  Glue the carousel to the center of the mirror.

If you want to put a sawtooth hanger on the back, I think this would make a one of a kind wall mirror!

It’s also a groovy desk organizer.  The slide compartments are the perfect size for business cards, and the center holds lots of other supplies.

I like it best as a centerpiece or as a quirky vase.  Totally unexpected but fun in a cool, retro kind of way!

Looking for more fun ways to repurpose Goodwill finds?  Click here.

Disclosure:  I wrote this post as an official Goodwill San Antonio blogger.


  1. How about to store DMC thread on bobbins? And stocking up on the slide carousels, having one for 100s and 200s, 300s, and so on. Next time I’m at the Silverdale Goodwill, I’ll look for some.


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