I’m finally getting around to decorating my movie room/playroom.  My theme is retro movies with a red/black/white color scheme.  I recently ordered a new black couch, and I made this fun side table to go with it.  I used finds from Goodwill San Antonio to create this up cycled double suitcase side table.

There are certain things at Goodwill that I just can’t seem to pass up.  They’re dirt cheap and just plain cool to me!  One item I can’t pass up is a slide carousel.  The other is a backgammon suit case.  They’re usually just a few dollars, and often have most of the pieces inside.  One of these cases came from Korea, and was just $1.99 because some of the finish was peeling off.  No problem…it would be perfect for the project I had in mind!

Materials Used:

Step one:  Paint the legs and base of the table red.  Paint the top black.

Step two:  Paint the suitcase black with red stripes.
Step three:  Once the paint is dry, seal it with the varnish.


Step four:  Remove the hinges from one of the suitcases.  This will make it so both suitcases can open.


Step five:  Use E-6000 to glue the cases in place.
Since I removed the hinge on one case, I can open both cases at the same time.  The removable lid make a great tray for holding snacks or other items on the couch.  The two cases, plus the drawer on the stand, mean lots of storage for game controllers, disks, etc.  It looks cool AND helps keep the room organized!

Disclosure:  I am a blogger for Goodwill San Antonio, and this is a sponsored post.  All ideas, projects, and opinions are my own.



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