I love the fourth of July!  As a military dependent who has lived overseas, this was always one of the most homesick inducing holidays.  The only cure was to throw on a bunch of red, white, and blue, and head to base to celebrate.  It’s hard to stay melancholy with live bands, parades, and fireworks!

To celebrate this year, my family and I will be at the beach.  I decided to make some fun ribbon badges that we can wear while we watch fireworks.  These can be pinned to a hat, shirt, or even glued to a stick to wave like a parade wand.

How about this ribbon?  I LOVE the fun designs!  My personal favorite is the flag ribbon.  I’ve never seen that design before!  This stash came from The Ribbon Retreat.  They were kind enough to send me a HUGE stash of gorgeous ribbon to work with.  Please check out their incredible selection, and when you’re ready to make a purchase, use the coupon code CH10 to save 10% off your order.  (Valid through 9/30/14).

For this project, I made a Crafty Hangout video tutorial, which is at the top of this post.  After you watch that, here’s a close up shot of one of the ribbons:

And here are my three finished badges.  Excuse me while I run back to my craft room to make some more!  Have fun crafting and creating!



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