My oldest sons are VERY excited about the new Avengers movie opening this weekend, and they are passing the time by reading books and googling the different superheroes.  I always struggle with finding “boyish” crafts I can make for them, so I was excited to see if this idea would work.

I am not a jewelry maker, so I made do with supplies I had on hand.  Since I hoard purchase quite a bit from Mindy Mae’s Market, I dug through my stash and used the following:

bottle cap and epoxy sticker
black bracelet
earring hooks (2)
jump rings (2)
grommets (2)

I printed several superhero logos using an awesome free font called Hall of Heroes.  I used my one inch circle punch to cut out the image, then glued it into the bottle cap.  I topped it off with the resin sticker.

To get the cap to fit on the center ring of the bracelet I had to modify it.  I removed one strap and slipped the earring hook through it.  Then I twisted it shut as a sort of jump ring.

I used an actual jump ring to reattach the band to the center circle.  I repeated this with the other strap.

I used E6000 to glue two grommets to the center circle, and after it set I glued the bottle cap on top of the grommets.

 I think it looks pretty fierce.


But, most importantly, my boys like it!


  1. Hi Morena! Sorry to comment on your post, I couldn’t find your email. I follow you on Pinterest. Wondering if there was a trick to when you pin your tutorials- I notice sometimes the pins I create don’t get in the Pinterest feed and then no one sees them (aside from my followers). It looks like yours get seen. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  2. You almost ne-vah see cool accessory projects for the younger guys in our lives so I was SO pumped to find this. Amazing idea and amazing tute! Woo Hoo I can add something to my rather skimpy pin boards for the guys. Thanks for sharing!


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