This guinea pig tent DIY is perfect for piggies and other small pets! This is a sponsored post with Fairfield World.

how to make a small pet tent

We adore our guinea pigs and always have fun making little things for them. Everything in miniature is so much more fun, don’t you think? This small sized tent is perfect for small pets like guinea pigs, hamsters, dwarf bunnies, and any other small friend that likes to hideaway.

guinea pig in a tent

I made the base removable so it is washable. Guinea pigs do make messes, and this way I can easily change out the “floor” of the tent as needed without taking away their colorful hideaway.

Check out my short video tutorial to see how easy it is to make your own guinea pig tent!

guinea pig tent DIY

Guinea Pig Tent DIY Supplies

make a tent for guinea pigs

As you can see, our piggy with the fabulous hair, Ozzy, is enjoying his new hideaway! Ozzy is not camera shy and will do ANYTHING for treats. Like our other guinea pigs, Ozzy is a rescue pet who we brought home from Second Chance Cavy Rescue. Guinea pigs make awesome little friends, but a lot of people don’t realize how much mess they make and that they need lots of care. So many piggies end up dumped, unfortunately. Thankfully, there are a few rescues like Second Chance who work hard to keep guinea pigs safe.

Ozzy here had TWO surgeries while in their care. When he was dropped off they realized he had an abscess in his mouth that made eating difficult. We got him after he was medically cleared, and while he is still a slow eater and has the craziest looking teeth, he loooooooves to eat and is super healthy and sweet! And he makes a great model, too, doesn’t he?


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