Use these free printables with labels from to create happy packaging labels that are perfect for makers and sellers! This is a sponsored post.

happy mail labels

You wear many hats when you are a maker and small business owner: designer, marketer, shipping department! It’s a lot of work and I’m always looking for ways to make my many tasks easier. I love to use products from in my small business because I can print in small batches from home to create professional looking stickers for all my crafting and selling needs.

printable happy mail labels

It’s important to me that my customers receive their purchases in pretty packaging. I put a lot of time and care into what I make, and I don’t want to send it off in a boring box! Part of the customer experience is receiving their purchase and being delighted with it, and packaging plays a HUGE role in that. Happy customers tend to become repeat customers. Plus, when they see your products are packaged nicely they are more inclined to order gifts from you, too!

supplies to make your own labels

To make my packaging attractive while keeping the process simple, I designed these cute labels that I can just print, peel, and stick on my packages. Who wouldn’t want to receive happy mail like this?

Happy Packaging Labels Supplies

packaging labels for makers and sellers

When you use the free printable you can customize the text any way you like! You can print the label as is, the way I designed it, or you can change the text to reflect your brand. After that you just download it and then print it at home on printable paper. I love the way this paper holds color. My designs are always vibrantly printed! I can quickly assemble the box, peel and stick the label on, then package my sales. Happy mail incoming!


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