I looooove to prank my kids on April Fool’s Day. One of my first posts that “went viral” was my fake roach prank (see #1 on the list below!) That one was so effective that I managed to scare MYSELF at least once with it. I forgot I had placed a roach on the guest bathroom counter and got startled when I went in there to clean up later. Ha! I think it’s even more fun when you get in on the joke, too. Getting pranked is just as fun as pranking others.

april fool's prank with roach

Since then I have gone on to create a LOT of pranks to surprise my family with. It gets harder to surprise them each year because they know to expect some sort of shenanigans from me. They’ve even started having fun pranking me, which I LOVE!

fake alien head in jar prank

I’ve rounded up my pranks from years past to share some of my favorite projects here with you.  Since I’m always looking for new ideas, I added in some other fun ideas I found.  Hopefully one of these ideas will inspire you.  Have fun crafting and pranking on April Fool’s Day!!

What are some of your favorite pranks to pull for April Fool’s Day? I’d love to know! Leave a comment and share your idea.


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